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Richard Collins, CEO California Vegetable Specialties with the Energy Mass wall mock up. In front of the most energy efficient cold storage building in America

Our Story

In 1994 Integrated Structures, Inc. began research with a high mass, high insulation, fire and earthquake resistant construction system of its own design and was awarded two US patents.  The work evolved in a series of designed and constructed structures, including; wineries, cold storage facilities, religious buildings and custom homes. During the 23 intervening years what began as a structural system that could capitalize on free diurnal cooling energy stored in the thermal mass of the walls, evolved into a smart-building system using active radiant heating and cooling in the concrete “skins” coupled with a super-insulated core.

Our Approach

Integrated Structures (ISI) is the brain-child and professional practice for R. Gary Black, tenured Professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley. Over the past twenty-five years, Gary Black and his partner Cullen Burda have pioneered a design process for design-build delivery that offers a viable alternative to the traditional and rigidly defined roles of architects, engineers and contractors.

The designs integrate the structure with the space, and the system of construction to provide an owner with an authentic and unique building while satisfying functional and budget requirements.  Through this work a number of innovative, energy efficient structures have been created.  

Gary and Cullen first worked with Ray Cole and Axiom Engineers on a winery in 2002.  A collaboration of like minded individuals was born and over the next 21 years Ray and his team developed the smart-building controls and the active mechanical systems integral to the Energy Mass™ wall.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Meet the Team

An Association of professionals who have come together to solve problems and promote a smarter way of making our buildings and conserving our natural resources.

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