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Energy Mass™ Wall: Unmatched Defense, Strength, and Efficiency!

SINCE 1994


A site-built, engineered sandwich panel construction. It consists of a super insulated core, constructed with an insulated form, which is then filled with an expanding closed cell foam to achieve a vapor impermeable core of up to R-118 depending on core thickness. The
unprecedented insulation is before any thermal mass benefits are considered.

This core becomes formwork for 3” thick concrete skins
pneumatically placed on both sides. One or both of the shotcrete “skins” has embedded radiant tubing turning the entire wall into a radiantly active surface.

The geometry of the wall and its method of construction have the benefits of unsurpassed strength, stiffness and fire resistance.

Revolutionizing Building Efficiency and Resilience

The Energy Mass Wall is reshaping our thinking about energy efficiency, structural resilience, and environmental sustainability. Discover how our revolutionary wall system can transform your building projects.

The Energy Mass™ wall system's high thermal mass and high insulation reduce cooling and heating energy consumption by 80% over conventional construction.

The strength of Energy Mass™ wall allows it to be used in construction of first-response buildings such as hospitals and police stations in highest seismic zones in the US.

Radiant tubes embedded in the concrete skin, provides efficient heating and cooling for the interior space. Temperature can be held constant, and humidity kept high to reduce the Angles' share to 1% or less

The Energy Mass™ wall fire rating exceeds code maximum of 4 hours, providing superior fire resistance. This fire resistance has been field tested in two major California wild fires.

The acoustic mass and reflectivity of the Energy Mass™ wall works synergistically to keep both low and high frequency sound outside of the building. Creating a quiet and calm interior environment.


Barrel Stack

Reduce Evaporative Losses

Preserve wine quality and reduce evaporative losses with stable temperature and humidity control.

Vine Leaves

Environmental Stewardship

Reduce environmental impact with a 500+ year useful life and making onsite generation practical.

Wild Fire

Diester Resilience for Wineries

Build resilient wineries capable of withstanding wildfires, earthquakes, and severe weather events.

Case Studies


Long Meadow Ranch


Littorai Winery


Amador Cellars


Boulder Creek Residence


Zinc House Farm

Nicholson Res 4 still.png

Nicholson Residence

Green Fields

Endive Farms

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Calder ADU

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