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Construction Costs: Beyond Initial Investment

Building Project Evaluation for a Sustainable Future

Recent projects have put the construction hard costs of the Energy Mass wall around $60 to $70/sf of exterior wall surface, however, please note that construction costs, which always vary in individual cases, will vary more widely during the market uncertainties of the year ahead. 

Evaluating the “cost” of the wall and comparing it to other options is a little more involved, as there aren’t other systems that have similar operating costs and performance. The Energy Mass Wall includes (i) the building’s structure, (ii) its mechanical system, (iii) a four-hour fire wall, (iv) an insulative value greater than the walls of a Sub-Zero refrigerator. To compare alternative systems, we use a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) which considers up front costs as well as maintenance and operational costs to arrive at a return on investment (ROI)

 Read more about the LCCA in the blog post


Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA):

Embrace unbiased insights with LCCA, approved by federal standards. It reveals economic benefits, payback timelines, and hidden potentials.


Comparative Investment Analysis:

Shift focus from initial outlay to long-term returns. We dissect upfront investments versus annual operational costs, unveiling true ROI.


Tailored Solutions:

Every project is unique. We customize analyses to your specific needs, delivering precise insights for optimized outcomes.

The interactive spreadsheet below is a simple LCCA used to compare the Energy Mass wall to an insulated metal building or (IMP), the lowest up-front solution for winery barrel storage. 

*Construction costs are subject to wide spreads–sometimes as much as a 40% cost difference between buildings of similar construction type and size, built at the same time in the same communities. The differences in cost are due to any one of numerous variables:  late changes during working drawings and construction, regulatory delays, weather, labor shortages, soil problems, contractor failures or fraud, A/E errors, client financial instability, and so on.

Ready to uncover the real value of your building project? Begin an enlightening journey with us. Schedule your consultation today.

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