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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Energy Mass Wall

1. What is the Energy Mass™ Wall?

The Energy Mass™ Wall is a site-built, engineered construction. It consists of a highly insulated core, and two skins of 3" thick shotcrete. Designed to provide superior fire resistance, temperature control, and humidity regulation for various applications, including winery barrel storage, cold storage and high energy performance custom residencies.

2. How does the Energy Mass™ Wall protect against wildfires?

The Energy Mass™ Wall is constructed with non-combustible materials and engineered to withstand high temperatures, effectively acting as a barrier against spreading flames and embers.

3. Can the Energy Mass™ Wall help reduce insurance premiums for wineries in high-risk wildfire areas?

Yes, by investing in a structure with superior fire resistance like the Energy Mass™ Wall, wineries may be eligible for reduced insurance premiums and increased coverage options.

4. Is the Energy Mass™ Wall suitable for retrofitting existing winery facilities?

Yes, the Energy Mass™ Wall can be designed and installed as part of a retrofitting project to enhance the resilience and performance of existing winery structures.

5. Can the Energy Mass™ Wall be customized to fit different layouts and specifications?

Yes, the Energy Mass™ Wall can be tailored to accommodate various architectural designs and space requirements, offering flexibility and versatility for owners and operators.

6. How much does the Energy Mass™ Wall cost compared to traditional construction materials?

The cost of the Energy Mass™ Wall is approximately $70 per square foot of wall area. This pricing is comparable to insulated metal panels commonly used in wineries and standard wood construction for custom-built homes.

7. Does the cost of the Energy Mass™ Wall include installation and any additional fees?

The $60 per square foot cost of the Energy Mass™ Wall is estimated hard cost of construction of the wall. Typically includes material and installation by our experienced team. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free process for our customers.

8. What is the process for integrating the Energy Mass™ Wall into our project?

Our team prefers to be involved in the planning phase of the project to ensure the best outcome. We collaborate closely with winery owners assess project requirements and develop customized solutions tailored to your needs.

9. Can we work with our own architect and engineering teams while still incorporating the Energy Mass™ Wall into our project?

Yes, we understand that some winery owners may already have established relationships with architects and engineering teams. In such cases, we are happy to collaborate with your existing partners and focus specifically on the engineering and construction of the Energy Mass™ Wall.

10. What role does your team play during the construction phase of the Energy Mass™ Wall?

Our experienced team oversees the construction of the Energy Mass™ Wall, ensuring that it meets our rigorous quality standards and specifications.

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