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Project Name: Calder ADU
Project Location: Fairfax, California
Client: Nick & Sylvia Calder
Architect: Integrated Structures Inc
Engineer: Integrated Structures Inc

Nestled amidst the densely populated hills of Fairfax, CA, this 1,000 sqft Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) emerges as a beacon of resilience amid a landscape fraught with wildfire risks. With narrow access roads rendering traditional fire rescue attempts futile and evacuation routes impractical for residents, the ADU stands as a vital refuge in times of crisis. Designed with the fire-resistant Energy Mass™ wall system and fortified by a concrete roof, it offers unparalleled protection against the ravages of wildfires. Despite the challenging terrain and heightened risks, the owner affirms that integrating the Energy Mass™ wall system remains cost-comparable to conventional wood-stud construction, ensuring accessibility for those seeking refuge in fire-prone regions. As communities grapple with the escalating threat of wildfires, this project serves as a testament to the urgent need for innovative, resilient housing solutions capable of withstanding the most extreme circumstances.

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