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Wild Fire

Protect Your Passion Against Nature's Fury with the Energy Mass™ Wall

Unlocking Resilience for Wineries


Winery Owners:

  • Safeguard your winery's valuable assets and investments against the threat of wildfires and earthquakes by investing in the Energy Mass™ Wall's superior fire resistance and structural strength

  • Shield your life savings and hard-earned investments from the devastating impact of natural disasters by fortifying your winery with a resilient structure

  • Rest assured knowing that your winery is equipped with a resilient structure that can withstand challenging circumstances, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment

Oak Barrels


  • Ensure uninterrupted operations and minimize financial losses during and after natural disasters, preserving the continuity of your winery's business and reputation

  • Protect your craftsmanship and the integrity of your wines with a structure that offers superior fire resistance, ensuring that the fruits of your labor remain intact even in the event of a wildfire

  • Maintain the momentum of your winemaking operations by investing in a resilient facility that can weather the storm, allowing you to focus on creativity and innovation without the distraction of potential disasters


Facility Managers:

  • Implement proactive safety measures with the Energy Mass™ Wall's non-combustible properties and high structural performance, prioritizing the well-being of personnel and assets within the facility

  • Prepare your winery for the unexpected with a resilient structure that can withstand the forces of nature, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring operational resilience in the face of adversity

  • Streamline the recovery process following natural disasters by minimizing structural damage and facilitating swift restoration efforts, reducing downtime and associated costs

Energy Mass™ Wall Solution


Superior Fire Resistance and Structural Integrity:

  • Fire rating of four hours exceeds highest building code standards

  • Providing a critical barrier against spreading flames and embers


Practical Benefits and Cost Savings:

  • Can lower insurance premiums due to increased fire resistance

  • Provides shelter in place capability in some instances


Enhanced Protection Against Wildfires:

  • Acts as a barrier against wildfire spread and damage

  • Exterior concrete membrane resists ignition with chemically locked water

Case Studies


Moose Mountain Vineyards 


Zinc House Farm


Boulder Creek Residence

Nicholson Res 4 still.png

Nicholson Residence

Customer Testimonial

"We were awakened at midnight to a situation you hope to never have happen, a wildfire raging out of control bearing down on your home. But, because we diligently prepared for the worst in our choice of building materials for our home, we were hopeful that everything would be okay. Days later when we could return, we were shocked by the sheer and near total devastation of the entire mountain area. But when we saw our house standing with absolutely no damage of any kind, it brought an indescribable relief and satisfaction that we had made that best decision of our lives."

                                     - Mark and Tina Nicholson, Owner

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