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Project Name: Littorai Winery
Project Location: Sebastopol, California
Client: Littorai Winery
Architect: Larry Ferar and Associates
Engineer: Structural - Integrated Structures Inc

Completed in 2008, located to the West of Sebastopol, California, the 8,800 SF winery was constructed using an early version of the Energy Mass™ wall.  The winery capitalized on the natural diurnal temperature swings of the site using night cooling ventilation combined with thermal mass and insulation.  There was a small mechanical system for the barrel storage space to insure consistent temperatures.  Littorai is a small, family owned producer focusing on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Ted Lemon had previously worked with some of Burgundy’s top producers, including Romanee-Conti, Dujac and Georges Roumier. Ted was named “Wine Maker of the year” in 2010 by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Producing wines that consistently score over 90 points and frequently sell out, Ted and Heidi were early adopters of the Energy Mass™ wall. Having worked with caves in Europe, they understood the wine making benefits of the Energy Mass™ system — thermal mass, steady temperatures and high humidity. 

“Using the night air cooling system, the average daytime temp in the fermentation hall has been approximately 66 F.  Winemakers office, even with all those east and south windows has been fluctuating between 66 F and 70 F (the latter on the hottest days). We have never turned on AC. Both it and the lab (which has even less temp fluctuation) are very pleasant spaces.”

“The [barrel storage] rooms are set for 58 F and so there is not enough delta for them to call for night air chilling every night. However, the fact that they are separated from the fermentation and grape receiving by only a plastic divider has meant that keeping the fermentation hall cooler thru night air has had a dramatic effect on lowering the need for the unit coolers.” - Ted Lemmon, Proprietor, Littorai Wines

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