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Project Name: Long Meadow Ranch, Rutherford
Project Location: Rutherford
Client: Long Meadow Ranch
Architect: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects
Engineer: Structural - Integrated Structures Inc, Fratessa Forbes Wong; Mechanical - Axiom Engineers

Located in St. Helena, California, the 30,000 SF wine production and barrel storage facility has been designed using the latest and most advanced version of the Energy Mass™ Smart Building Technology. Photovoltaics located on the roof make ice during the day with the power of the sun which cools the building’s interior using a computer controlled radiant refrigeration system. The ice will be stored in an Energy Mass™ ice tank measuring 22 feet by 40 feet by 17 feet tall. Silent and efficient, the technology is designed to produce a steady 58° F without drying effects, resulting in an estimated 1% evaporative loss from the wine barrels. The low energy demands required to run the cooling system gives the option for the winery to disconnect from the electrical grid. 

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