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Wine Corks

Revolutionize Your Winery's Energy Efficiency and Durability

Unlocking Future for Wineries


Winery Owners:

  • Increase energy efficiency and eliminate large utility bills.

  • Minimize environmental footprint and demonstrate commitment to sustainability

  • Build for the ages and eliminate repairs and upkeep.

Walking Through Fields

Facility Managers:

  • Streamline energy management processes

  • Enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs

  • Ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels for wine aging and storage

Wine Farm

Sustainability Advocates:

  • Promote renewable energy adoption in the wine industry

  • Support initiatives for reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change

  • Contribute to a more sustainable future for winemaking and agriculture

Energy Mass™ Wall Solution


High Thermal Mass and Insulation:

  • Creates the rock-steady thermal conditions familiar in wine caves

  • Facilitates the most intuitive and energy efficient type of refrigeration


Smart Climate Control:

  • Automated climate control systems optimize temperature and humidity levels

  • Ensure ideal conditions for wine production, storage, and aging


Renewable Energy Integration:

  • Integration with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or geothermal systems

  • Further reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and lower carbon footprint

Case Studies


Amador Cellars


Zinc House Farm


Littorai Winery


Storrs Winery

Customer Testimonial

"Using the night air cooling system, the average daytime temp in the fermentation hall has been approximately 66 F.  Winemakers office, even with all those east and south windows has been fluctuating between 66 F and 70 F (the latter on the hottest days). We have never turned on AC. Both it and the lab (which has even less temp fluctuation) are very pleasant spaces."

                                     - Ted Lemmon, Proprietor, Littorai Wines

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