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Oak Barrels

Preserve Perfection: Elevate Your Winery with the Energy Mass™ Wall

Unlocking Value for Wineries

Red Grape Vines

Winery Owners:

  • Ensure your investment in premium grapes is reflected in the final product by maintaining optimal storage conditions

  • Minimize wine loss due to evaporation and spoilage, maximizing your return on investment and preserving your bottom line

  • Eliminate the need for constant monitoring and adjustments on temperature and humidity control, allowing you to focus on strategic business growth

Making Wine


  • Achieve precise control over temperature and humidity levels, providing the ideal conditions for wine aging and ensuring consistent flavor development

  • Rest easy knowing that your wines are aging in a stable environment, preserving their quality and allowing you to maintain your reputation for excellence

  • Experiment with new winemaking techniques and varietals, confident that the Energy Mass Wall will provide the perfect canvas for your creative vision to flourish

Wine glass

Facility Managers:

  • Simplify your workload with the Energy Mass Wall's low-maintenance design, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and repairs

  • Cut down on utility costs, helping you meet sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.

Energy Mass™ Wall Solution


Consistent Temperature Control:

  • Ensures a constant temperature within your storage facility

  • Safeguard your barrels against the harmful effects of temperature fluctuations


Minimal Evaporative Losses:

  • Evaporative losses reduced to less than 1% annually

  • Every drop of your precious wine is preserved


Optimal Humidity Levels:

  • Bid farewell to the hassle of maintaining ideal humidity levels manually

  • Maintain the perfect level to prevent evaporation loss, mimicking traditional wine caves

Case Studies


Long Meadow Ranch


Amador Cellars

Green Fields

Endive Farms


Littorai Winery

Customer Testimonial

"We have both a winery and a dedicated barrel storage building constructed with the Energy Mass Wall construction system. The buildings are fireproof and built to last many lifetimes. The walls are robust at deflecting the inevitable crashes with forklifts as though they never occurred. The building’s thermal properties coupled with the radiant cooling technology allows us to control the temperature and the humidity with a single button. The evaporative losses from the barrels have been reduced and our wines are winning more awards than ever before."

                                     - Larry Long, Owner, Amador Cellars

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