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A Revolutionary Building System

What is Energy Mass™ Wall

The Energy Mass™ Wall is a site-built, engineered construction. It consists of a highly insulated core, and two skins of 3" thick shotcrete. 


Stack ICFs

The Energy Mass™ wall uses widely available components: ICF (insulated concrete forms), fiberglass rebar (GFRP), and light gauge steel framing.


Pour Foam

A two-part expanding foam is poured in the cavity of the stacked foam blocks. Creating a super insulated (R-80) core.


Place Concrete

Shocrete is placed on each side of the foam core. Resulting in a fire resistant and seismic resistant structure.


The Energy Mass™ Wall Offers Solutions for Consumers in need of


The Energy Mass™ wall maintains optimal conditions for barrel storage, reducing evaporative losses and preserving wine quality.


The Energy Mass™ wall offers superior fire resistance and structural strength, ensuring business continuity during natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires.


The Energy Mass™ wall utilizes thermal mass and phase change materials to reduce energy consumption in cold storage facilities, contributing to load-shifting strategies for an efficient energy grid.


Wineries committed to sustainability can adopt the Energy Mass™ Wall to reduce their environmental impact.


The Energy Mass™ wall defends against wildfires and reduces insurance costs for homeowners, boasting a 4-hour fire rating exceeding codes, ignition-proof construction, concrete exterior, and fire-retardant core.


All Energy Mass™ wall provides unmatched strength and resistance to seismic activity and strong winds, ensuring safety and durability in challenging environments.

Next Steps...

Contact us for a customized evaluation on how Energy Mass™ wall can benefit you with your next project.

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